Meeting a promise to future generations


We are a privately owned oil and gas company, with offices in Egypt and the UAE. Our team brings more than 50 years of experience within the industry and the MENA region.


As a cornerstone of our company’s ethos, sustainability isn’t just a consideration, but an intrinsic part of our business model, meaning we are consistently evaluating how to optimize our processes in order to best meet the needs of our shareholders, employees, communities and the environment.

Our diversified portfolio consists of 70 per cent high-potential exploration and 30 per cent development and proven production. Our focus is on achieving sustainable growth and delivering long-term value for our stakeholders while maintaining a sustainable environment.

We believe in achieving sustainable growth through critical impact-based discoveries and investment. With such a rapidly evolving industry, we are cautious about the choices and trends we prioritize. As such, we exercise stringent business diligence in the selection of new opportunities, while continuing to champion people and enable sustainable energy demands for future generations.


We are driven by more than just business goals, but our core beliefs and values that drives every decision we make and is deep-rooted in the nature of our operations to deliver the global energy needs of our society.


Ambition remains at the heart of our company’s growth strategy and is reflected in our determination, and focus to do what is required to achieve and sustain excellence.


We commit to continued excellence. Through our years of experience we recognize that this can only be achieved through constant adaptation to strategy, innovation and technology to achieve success and remain competitive.


As a family-owned business, we have instilled the values of trust, care and support into our day-to-day activities, providing a positive work environment that enables a culture of wellbeing and happiness.


As a carbon-based energy business, we understand the responsibility that rests with us to think, act and adhere to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, while utilising the latest techniques to support and protect our natural environment.

Discover how we safely ensure that important resources flow responsibly.

Our leadership team

We are family owned and operated. For us, energy is more than a profession. 

Haytham Ataya

Director and CEO

A petroleum engineer by profession, Haytham has over 25 years of experience running operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the GCC. Haytham is currently the Director and CEO of Pacific Oil Limited where he has grown the asset base of the company internationally.  Haytham has extensive experience in developing strategic partnerships in driving profitability for the company.

Joseph Haskell

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Haskell is the Chief Operating Officer at Pacific Oil Limited with over 40 years of experience in numerous international and domestic basins, including US Onshore/Offshore, South America, FSU countries, North Africa, Africa and the Middle East. Joe is instrumental in leading and managing Pacific’s development and production operations. Joe has a strategic role in increasing the overall efficiency of the organization. 

Our management team

Our team is composed of passionate individuals with a holistic approach towards growth and sustainability.

Osama Abdel Aal

Business Development Manager

Osama Abdel Aal is the Business Development Manager at Pacific Oil Limited with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Osama leads the evaluation and prioritization of all business development opportunities. A graduate with a BSc and MSc in Engineering from Cairo University and Imperial College along with a PhD in Marine Geophysics from Canada. 

Wael Attia

Egypt Country Manager

Wael Attia is the Egypt Country Manager at Pacific Oil Limited with over 20 years of experience working in various exploration and production companies in the MENA region. Wael is a highly skilled drilling engineer; holding a BSC in Petroleum Engineering certified from IWCF and maintains memberships in SPE, IADC & EES. Wael’s responsibilities comprise of exploration-related activities and schemes, including daily operations and on-going tactical plan for Pacific Oil’s business.

Karmesh Abhishek

Exploration Manager

AAPG-certified petroleum geologist with over 16 years of diverse expertise in conventional and unconventional resources, including exploration success, field development, and mature field redevelopment.

Having worked in a variety of geological settings, assessing petroleum potential in worldwide basins in Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, East Africa, and Europe for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

Experienced in mergers & acquisitions, investment strategy, and negotiations.

Holds a postgraduate degree in geology from Banaras Hindu University in India and a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University in Australia.

Prashant Sinha

Senior Geophysicist

Prashant Sinha is the Senior Geophysicist at Pacific Oil Limited with over 17 years of experience in the Integrated Geoscience Exploration activities of conventional  and unconventional energy working in India, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malawi, and Tanzania. Prior to joining Pacific Oil Limited, Prashant worked with Essar Energy in the multi-disciplinary team for seismic data acquisition, processing & interpretation, resource estimation, asset evaluation, planning of exploratory and development wells.


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Our commitment to sustainability is part of our ethos and drives the fundamental principles of our strategy.